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Shining Star Children’s House Inc. is a non-profit, Progressive Montessori School, located in Vallejo, California.   Established in 1980 to service the city of Vallejo, as well as neighboring cities, Shining Star Elementary School offers scholarship funds for children attending Jr. Kindergarten through Elementary grades. 

It is the purpose of Shining Star Montessori to offer a diverse, well rounded, experience for the children and their families.  Each child has their own curricula based on their individual abilities..  It is the goal of Shining Star Montessori to provide an environment for each child that will foster a love for learning, accountability, responsibility, and community awareness.

We welcome you to call for information and the Directress will answer all calls and questions.  Fees are based on individual family needs, with scholarship funds shared among the families.  Shining Star Montessori accepts applications after an appointment has been made with the Directress and/or Head Teacher. 

Dr. Maria Montessori became the first woman physician to graduate in Italy.  Although not formally trained as an educator her interests focused on children. The Montessori Method is the direct result of her work with children, her observation of their behavior, and her dedication to teaching children in a positive environment.  As part of this method the classrooms are set up to accommodate the children.  Ages are mixed to ensure a diverse and realistic educational environment for the children.